10 Year Limited Warranty

We have a lot of confidence in the quality and durability of every new hive or component that is produced from our factory. So much confidence, that we offer an industry-leading 10-year warranty for all synthetic (PP-EPS-XPS) materials.

What Does This Warranty Cover?

This warranty covers defects caused by material and manufacturing workmanship.

Varroa - Hive relationship

In a research carried out by Veltuis, Hayo HW, Kraus, Bernhard and presented to Tuson in April 2000, they deliberately cooled the fry at the time of Spring, autumn, by placing thin shelters, opening the bottom with sieves, feeding the beehives to spread the fry and placing incomplete combs between the fry, they saw Varroa double. The same research showed that when the temperature was 35° C and the humidity between 79% and 85% RH in the area of ​​the nursery, Varroa's growth was between 0% and 2%, and its great reproduction was in the outer parts of the brood and in the pupae, the temperature was at 33° C and low humidity. In the area of ​​the nursery where humidity was at normal levels between 59% and 68% RH, Varroa was proliferating normally.

AVS - Advanced Ventilation System

Inside an active hive, a thermodynamic effect takes place 24 hours a day. As an entity, the colony and its offspring, will grow, raise, feed, consume and of course breath. This cycle produces gallons of water as vapor throughout the year, but where does all this vapor-water go?
Typically, most of the hives today are equipped with solid bottom boards and inner covers that actually seal and confine the colony in a dark, damp and air-stagnated place. Bees are facing many threats concerning their health and hygiene, especially during the cold season.

Hives - Plastic vs Wood

Many claim that wood is a natural product and is better than plastic, so I would like to inform you about a research done by Fresnaye beekeeping professor on the problems of wooden hives. The research has led to the following conclusions:

  1. A wooden hive as well as being painted with good quality oil, the resistance to fungi and insects does not exceed 2 years.
  2. The good condition of a wooden hive RARELY exceeds 3 years.

This research states that:

The most radical solution would be maybe the ABANDONMENT of wood for the use of SYNTHETIC MATERIALS or other synthetic products that would be resistant to physical, chemical and biological agents. This observation is also reported by Pierre Jean-Prost in the book of APICULTURE at page 125 for those who would like to be informed.

Technosetbee hives achieved the above helping the beekeeper getting rid of all unnecessary tasks for wooden hives, utilizing his time for more creative things like packaging and promoting his product on the market.

You can read all about the advantages of the synthetics beehives here.

Varroa - honeycomb relationship

Erik Österlund, a beekeeper / researcher, went even further and applied the theory of small cell and small bee. Having small cells, it has created crowding that results in better regulation of temperature and humidity. Making a small bee created an increase in production due to agility, while the largest bee is more cumbersome and less productive. When the bee builder grows cells it grows smaller or larger in size, while for honey storage it makes them bigger. In the market, however, the cells have a size (5.3 mm) obliging the bee to construct the germ cells to the extent that we give them defying the physiology of each breed. Österlund believed that the smaller cell would be better managed for Varroa and achieved it to an extremely high percentage to the extent that his bees would not need treatment.

The importance of water for the beehives

At the end of the winter and after the summer drought, skilled workers, who are assigned to carry water tend to visit the wet areas. These are NOT looking for clean water. On the contrary, they prefer stagnated water, swamps and often get attracted by the urine of the animals, which give them nitrogenous substances along with water. The water collection indicates the cycle of new brood inside the colony. It’s essential for diluting the stored honey then mixing it with pollen, providing the best food for the larvae. In the autumn, the distribution of clean water has in some cases led to rapid growth as with syrup. In the summer, the presence of fresh water supply near the hive helps the bees a lot.

Beehive cleansing and disinfection (Full step by step instructions)

When it comes to the cleaning and disinfecting of our hives, we need to be careful about all sort of things. This guide will help you perform the task in question, safe and efficient.

Q: How often should it be performed?

A: Once a year for maintenance, unless there is any illness of infection then it should be done as soon as possible.

Q: What do we do with the bees while we clean the hive?

A: We need to transfer the population to another hive.

Q: Were can we buy ClO2 from?

A: You can buy ClO2 from an online store like Amazon, or order it at your local pharmacy. In US you can find it in Home Depot, or Walmart as well.

Advantages Of Synthetic Beehive

European Patent OAMICD 001800277

The new synthetic Beehive constructed from polypropylene copolimer with great mechanical strength.

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