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Hi Yiota

We received the samples this morning they look excellent. We are really looking forward to receiving the rest so we can display it to our customers.

Many thanks for brightening our Monday morning.

Kind Regards

Eamonn Dillon


Hi Yiota,
your sample hive has arrived. Thank you! I like the body, top feeder and
cover. The overall quality is very good.

Best regards,

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Dear Yiota,

Sorry for taking me so much time to write you back but I was away.

The beehive looks excellent, it is definitely of very high quality.


Martin (Bulgaria )

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Dear Yiota,
Thank you very much for your reply! And thanks a lot for the pictures. They look really nice. I'm realling looking forward to hear from you and to working together.
Kind regards,
( France )



I am interesting in pollem trap to Mexico.
I need 10,000 pcs, but first need see the product and the price.

Please send me a puctures and Prices.

Best Regards.


Dear Mr. Aristos,
Thank you very much for your prompt reply. We are interested with your beehives "langstroth" but your idea to test one in the Philippines is a good idea. As you know we have a very warm and humid climate and we want to see also how sturdy the hives are for our market.
I would appreciate if you can send one for trial and we will give you the findings in 6 months time. It is summer this time and a good time to transfer. the hives will experience the rainy season also so it is good to send this during this coming month
looking forward to doing business with you.
Mr. Jose Reano


Dear Yiota,

Thank you very much for your email. We only used it with our new queen last October. The bees seems to be performing well compared to the old hives but we want to observe them during this coming hot summer season with very high humidity.

Mr. Jose Reano