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Plastic blisters-for wood Many claim that wood is a natural product and are best compared to Plastic, here I would like to inform you about a research which made Professor of apiculture Fresnaye for problems of wooden hives. The research has reached the following conclusions: 1. A wooden hive as well and is painted with oils good quality resistance to fungi and insects do not exceed 2 years. 2. good condition a wooden hive SPANIA exceed 3 years. The research indicated that: The most radical solution would be maybe the DROPPING of wood and using PLASTIC MATERIALS the other synthetic products that would be resistant to physical, chemical and biological agents. This observation reports and Pierre Prost in his book APICULTURE on page 125 for those who would like to be informed. We did this fact ridding the beekeeper from all unnecessary tasks of wood utilizing his time for more creative things.