Relationship of Varroa mites-kirythras

The Eric Osterloynt beekeeper, researcher proceeded even more and applied the theory of small cell and small bees. Having small cells, created a bottleneck that has resulted in better regulation of temperature and humidity. Making little bee created production increase agility, while the reason most great bee is more cumbersome and less productive. When it builds the bee brood cells make smaller or when the size of the breed, while for honey storage makes them bigger. On the market but the cells have a size (5.3 mm) thus forcing Melissa to construct juvenile cells in the giving defying the physiology of each breed. The Oosterloynt felt that with the smallest cell would be better management of Varroa mites and succeeded in Extremely large percentage to the extent that the bees do not require treatment. So come many questions compared, with the Beehive, the brood cells, and eventually if we have to put whole leaves kirythras in boxes or is better than a start kirythras 3-4 cm to allow the bees to do the job properly depending on the physiology. In the world of beekeeping among beekeepers are told many correctly but also some wrong, it is time to do more research if we want our beekeeping to go ahead. Don't forget that when they heard an erroneous phrase, Word or idea, because it just sounded many times by many to mistakenly think the end right.