Top feeder 4 liter Liquid/Solid (Code: 950-0032)


Top feeder 4 liter syrup bee food
Product Characteristics:
BPA free 10 Year Warranty New Improved Design 100% Recyclable Patented Type 5: Polypropylene - Safe Food contact material - Κατάλληλο για τρόφιμα

1. Raised for greater security and volume.
2. Sugar-dough in the center for easy food access by the swarm during the winter months.
3. Curved lid for holding the temperatures above the sugar dough so it does not freeze.
4. It has an inlet-outlet security door that makes it easier for bees in the winter months to fly
for pooping, protecting honey from developing diseases such as haemophilia.
5. It has a perimeter rim protecting against rain and wind.