Merging Board (Code: 950-0018.1)


Manufacturer: Technosetbee
Weight: 0.3 Kg

Technosetbee  Merging Board

The Single Queen Excluder in combination with this insulated PP plate allows two colonies (the queenless colony on top) to be safely united as one.
The small rectangular opening allows the pheromones to travel upwards while permits a slow and constant exchange of bees.Creation of queens with crafty orphans Another use of the royal polyhedra is the orphanage of a part of a two-storey cell to create a new queen. In this method we place inside the raised part of the diaphragm, which acts as a spacer of the two beaks, a laminate that does not allow the passing of the Queen's smell to the upper floor by putting the flock in the process of creating a new queen with this method creating new queens to use the renewal of the old one or sale of queens.
CONNECTION OF BEE BUNCH If in the diaphragm with the small door put a plastic sheet with a small slit is placed in the diaphragm we can merge two different beehives in one, because this method allows a small number of bees to pass from one hive to the other so as to get used to smells of pheromones or one of the other and coexist.