8 Frame Queen excluder (Code: 950-0090)


8 Frame Queen excluder
Product Characteristics:
BPA free 10 Year Warranty New Improved Design Type 5: Polypropylene - Safe 100% Recyclable Patented

Technosetbee 8 frame Queen Excluder

The new 8 Frame queen excluder has an elevated portion circumferentially at the points adjacent to the bee hive giving a difference of (14 mm) height between the two floors. On its front part there is an inn out gate of the bees as well as a protrusion 2.5cmX4.5cm which makes it easier for bees to land when returning loaded as well as their smooth exit. This gate also includes a protective door with the appropriate openings for the bees to pass inn out but prevents the entry of other insect enemies to the bee this door by placing it in a flat position acts as a safety door when transporting the bees when we are practicing nomadic beekeeping securely closes the entrance-exit gate.


  • Function: A queen excluder works by separating the brood nest from the boxes where the bees will store their excess honey, helping keep the hive organized and making honey harvesting easier.

  • Universal fit: Our queen excluder is designed to fit all 8 frame bee hives and is simply placed flat above the boxes where the queen laying eggs and below the boxes where honey is stored.

  • Ideal sizing: The spaces in the grid are perfectly spaced large enough to allow the smaller worker bees through the holes, but small enough to exclude the queen and keeping her from entering the honey box.

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