Double Queen Excluder (Code: 950-0028.1)


Managing two queen hives as one!
Manufacturer: Technosetbee
Weight: 1.3 Kg
Product Characteristics:
BPA free 10 Year Warranty New Improved Design Type 5: Polypropylene - Safe 100% Recyclable Patented

Technosetbee  Double Queen Excluder
Now placing a second smaller diaphragm inside the diaphragm which fits around the inner diaphragm of the central diaphragm and by locking its guides on the already existing diaphragm we change the function so that we can put two queens in a hive because of the design keeps the queens at a distance apart so that one can not kill the other because it is known that if two queens are found in the same place, one always prevails.This method operates both queens with in the same hive, increasing twice the number of bees by creating a very large number of bee collectors that we will need at the time of flowering season to increase the honey collection.